Sunday, October 12, 2014

No Matter What...

The days following my last entry were amazingly better.  Not necessarily because the kiddos magically became best friends, but because I reminded myself to have faith and patience every step I took.  They were still crying over the little things and never ever listening (someone tell me that one day they will), but I was different!  I kept my cool and temper under control. I told myself over and over again that this too shall pass...I'm the grown up...I have control over my emotions.  My faith is tested every single day.  As a parent, as a caregiver, as a wife, as a Christian.  God has my back NO MATTER WHAT!  I will serve a selfless, loving God with all of my heart NO MATTER WHAT!
Needless to say, our home is still just as crazy as before but these kids continue to be pretty awesome!

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