Friday, October 7, 2011

"Strong Enough"

We had a meeting today at Buckner. We turned in our formal application and officially begin updating our file. The problem? Buckner has several classes they require that we have not completed and they aren't scheduled until mid NOVEMBER! We were hoping to be finished with our transfer by the end of October but it looks like the end of November (since they still have to have a home visit too)! So frustrating. I feel like all we've been doing is paperwork and waiting! No update on the "maybe baby" and we know better than to get our hopes up! God has a plan...we just have to find patience until it all unfolds!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where the Sidewalk Ends

As some of you know, my wonderful sister, Stefanie, recently decided to answer the call to ministry. She left on Tuesday for Mozambique, South Africa to attend the Harvest School of Missions. I'm so proud of her and I'm so excited that she has been given this opportunity to serve the Lord and the people of Africa! She will be back in December, right before Christmas and I can't wait to hear all of her stories!!!

Now a not so interesting adoption update, but an update nonetheless! We are STILL waiting for our other agency to get our paperwork to Buckner. I have FINALLY completed our formal application and will be turning that in on Friday and meeting with the foster/adopt supervisor. I'm so ready to be done with paperwork...I feel like that's all we've done.

In other baby news, we have another "maybe baby". Those of you who've been reading know that we've had 2 "maybe" babies that ended with the mother deciding to parent. This current "maybe" baby is a huge shot in the dark. I have someone helping me to get her our information so that at the very least, we can meet. She's very young and already has a little boy that's a year old. Rumor has it that she's considering having someone become the forever family for both of them. All we can ask for right now are prayers...lots and lots of prayers. If all goes well, we'll also need a family attorney (if anyone knows one locally, let me know)!!!! Please add us to your prayer lists and thank you to our prayer warriors!!!!

We also need prayers for Chase's pawpaw! He's having a few health issues that have the doctors stumped so please pray that they will find something to help him and bring him back to good health. Other than that, no new Dodson family news. We are both really loving our new jobs and being so close to family. We've even made a few new friends! Yay!!! Hopefully I'll have more to update soon!!!!