Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Take a Back Road"

So I just finished reading the most disturbing blog I've EVER read...and it was all based around a t-shirt.  The t-shirt reads "Adoption is the New Pregnant".  The blogger claims that it's offensive...that adoption is not like being pregnant at all and should not even be compared.  She also stated that domestic infant adoptions only happen when the baby is stolen from the "rightful parent".  She said that adoptive parents are nothing more than guardians and should be called such.  She said that only blood makes a family, even if the child is unwanted or unloved.  She said that what the bible says about adoption does not mean anything to her because she is not a Christian.  That's when I stopped reading.

Every one of my friends with children had them biologically (except for my blog friends I've "met" along this journey).  To them I ask....what are your thoughts on adoption?  Do you think it's baby stealing?  Do you think parents who adopt are nothing more than legal guardians to the child? Do you believe that if you are not related through blood to a child, they will never be yours? I have also met several families who had children biologically and decided to also adopt. 

My personal thoughts are that this particular blogger is bitter. She has had something really awful happen to her and through her blog, she attracted others who were bitter and that only fueled the fire.  Even before our journey began, I believed in adoption as an option.  That's because I'm a Christian.  I believe that a family is created through love.  I believe that God wants the best for His children and when a biological parent is not able to provide what is best, there are those ready for the opportunity. 

I do NOT agree in finding children for a family.  A family should be found for a child.  I do NOT agree with mothers being manipulated into adoption.  It should be completely voluntary and they should be given honest and upfront information and answers. 

Chase and I did not CHOOSE anything that we have experienced.  God chose it for us. Foster to adopt was not something we had ever considered until we joined Homes4Good.  Now, I can't imagine our journey going in any other direction.  THIS is what we are supposed to do.  THIS is what God wants for us.  We are going to show a child God's unconditional love even if it's only for a short time.  We won't be perfect and it won't be easy, but we are ready.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Give Us Clean Hands"

UPDATED 12/22/2011

It's only been a month and our entire life has been changed!  No, no baby YET (I'll get back to that later)!  The week before Thanksgiving, Z asked if she could come live with us.  She arrived on Tuesday, November 15 and started school the very next day!  It's definitely been a change but one that we welcomed with open arms!  We love having her here and we love how she has enriched our lives. She is a ball of energy and we are quickly learning boundaries and rules.  I think we have finally figured out a routine that seems to work out great for all of us! She's a great kid, though, and she is doing AWESOME in school!  She's already made a few friends and her teacher said she is doing great! Softball registration should be coming up in the spring and there is a fall soccer group so we are excited about getting her (and us) involved in some extra curricular activities! 

The other night I told Chase I never realized how boring my days had been until now! I am busy from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep and I truly love it! I never knew how much I was missing! Not only are Z and I having a great time bonding and growing together, Chase and I have experienced a new side to our relationship! I love watching him interact with her and I'm so proud of him for being such a great daddy!

In OTHER news....we are done! We have completely finished everything we needed to do to update our home study and transfer to Buckner.  Now it's in their hands.  They entered all of our info today and sent it to the state for approval.  They are telling us we should be approved (again) in the next week...or 2!  EEK!  It has been a YEAR since we began this process and we are sooooo ready to be done!!! I know the placement may not be fast and I definitely know the placement might not be permanent, but I'M SO EXCITED!!!!  With all of the hoopla going on with Z we lost sight of how quickly we may get ANOTHER child in the house! With that being said, I want to ask all of you to continue praying for us and our journey in growing our family and overall patience as we wait for the call.

One more note...STEFANIE COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!  I'm so excited to see her and hear all of her wonderful stories of how she shared the love of Jesus with those who may not have known Him!
Before I go, here are some quick pics of our beautiful tree and stockings!  I love decorating for Christmas and proud to announce that my shopping was done weeks ago! Zoren is with her mom for Christmas, but we will definitely be thinking of her and can't wait to see what Santa brings her!


A stocking for each family member - Chloe, Chase, Zoren, Baby To Be, Lisa, Preston