Friday, September 25, 2009

"Blue Suede Shoes"

I finally set up my appointment today with MD Anderson! Rosaline, my patient access person, is awesome! Poor girl - I called her like 3 times to ask questions!!! :) So I'm meeting with Dr. Sood on Monday, October 19 at 11:30am! We will fly in early Sunday and will probably stay in Port Neches and drive to Houston on Monday morning! I believe it is a 2 day evaluation, so we won't be back home until Tuesday night! I'm nervous and excited all wrapped into one! I just don't know what to expect!!! I'm praying that he has some alternatives for me!!!

So I'm trying really hard to get more involved with Gilda's Club, and apparantly I'm really bad at remembering stuff! LOL!!! They have so many great events and I put them on the calendar then totally forget! I'd love to get more involved with the American Cancer Society too...I need to stop talking and just do it! :) I'm very sorry to say that I don't think we'll be able to run the 5k in DC for the Gynocological Cancer Society!!! I really wish we could, but if I'll be flying back and forth to Houston, I just don't think we can :(

I'll update as soon as I figure out more...or just to ramble!! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Kiss the Girl"

I finally spoke with someone from MD Anderson on Thursday! She got all my info and I sent over my insurance stuff and my records! I'm hoping to hear something on Monday regarding an appointment! YAY...I'm excited to finally get the ball rolling!

So today Chase and I were running some errands and as always, I start the most random conversation with him. I remember hearing from so many married people "marriage is overrated" or "once you get married, there's no more sex"! Really? Seriously?? The only thing I get from that is that whoever you are that makes these statements must really not like or appreciate your spouse! I can't imagine getting to the point in our marriage where I just don't care if we see eachother or actually have a married relationship! And yes, we have only been married a year, but what's the point in staying married or ever GETTING married if all you are going to do is take it for granted? I want us to be that cute little 90 year old couple still holding hands! I know that I probably had some far fetched romantinc ideals before I actually got married, but I love being with my husband and I love sharing experiences with him. I don't want that to change! I also understand that once we start a family and life gets a little more hectic, it will be hard to keep up the "on the fly" lifestyle we have now, but I will never take my husband for granted or the life we have together. Before I met Chase, I was at a point in my life where I had accepted the idea that I may never get married and I was ok with that! I have a great family and wonderful group of life was great! Meeting Chase just put the icing on the cake and I will always remind myself how blessed I am for that!!!!

Well, my rant has come to an end! Now I need to pack and get ready to head to Hotel Preston! I decided we needed to celebrate our anniversary and his birthday (tomorrow) so I got us a room in town and we're meeting some friends downtown later tonight! I love reasons to celebrate!

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Hangin' Tough"

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday! Unfortunately, I had to be at work that evening for an event I was heading up, but nonetheless...I've had a wonderful year of marriage with the most wonderful man in the world! We actually spent most of the day cleaning the house and then eating a piece of our wedding cake! It was NOT good, to say the least! But we are so excited to have extra room in the freezer now! LOL!! :)

I finally spoke with my oncologists office today and let them know that I am holding off on the surgery until my second opinion. They seemed OK with that! I'm actually very excited to set up my appointment at MD Anderson - I guess I'm just anxious to hear what they have to say and I get to ask all of my questions! Having a hysterectomy is so definite. It means I will absolutely never ever ever have children of my own! Yuck! I can't even fathom that right now!

I want to give a quick CONGRATS to my friend Kristin who just found out that she will be the mother of a little girl AND a little boy in February! YAY!!!! One...I mean two more reasons to move back to Dallas! :)

Someone today said to me that God can't make life easy for everyone. He will throw curve balls at some people to test their faith which makes them appreciate the outcome!

So I've decided to write a book! I've ALWAYS wanted to write a book, but everytime I get started, it starts to fade out!!! I told Chase that I'm going to turn this blog into a book but in order for it to work out, I need a very happy ending! :) LOL!!! So if anyone knows someone who publishes books, let me know and in about a year or so, I may actually have it all done! And ALL OF YOU have to buy it...ok??? LOL!!! (This is my sample cover...hahahaha)!!!

Well, Chase is out of town until Wednesday which means I'm going to put in a chick flick and head to bed with my puppy! Have a good one! Keep on prayin!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Electric Youth"

I got a phone call yesterday from Dr. Numnum - I was at work, so I didn't answer it! It was a little odd that he personally called me. I haven't called back! Until I have an appointment at MD Anderson, I don't want to really say anything to him! I don't know why...I'm just weird like that! I DID have to call his office again on Tuesday to see why I hadn't recieved my records yet! She's sending them out again so I'm hoping to get them by Saturday so I can get this ball rolling! I feel like I'm being TOO relaxed and laid back about this whole thing! I need to set my appt so I can figure out everything!

So I'm a member of a Facebook group called Women and Men Supporting Endometrial Cancer! I asked the question of is it even possible to get pregnant and carry a baby with endometrail cancer!?!?! FINALLY I got a response! A woman replied saying it can absolutely happen, but I need to be sure and find a OB/GYN who is familiar with these cases so that I can be watched closely! Of course that was the answer I wanted to hear - I'm just not sure how solid it is! It's the #1 question on the top of my "ask the dr." list!!!

So 3 days until Chase and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Even if we don't celebrate BIG, I'm just excited to have him in my life! I'm so blessed!!!