Sunday, July 25, 2010


Without access to the internet, other than my phone, my blog has suffered a bit. Last month we decided to start gathering some information on domestic adoptions. I have held Catholic Charities close to my heart for several reasons, so we began there. They were holding an informational on adoption through CPS. The letters "CPS" send several emotions through my body. First, those poor children. Who knows what they have been through and what has delivered them to the hands of the state. Secondly, how do they cope with a new family? More so, how do WE cope with a child coming into a new family? Mostly selfish, I suppose. I've always wanted a newborn and this would definitely not be a newborn.

So we go to this informational because, if nothing else, it won't hurt to gain some insight into the process. We were one of 3 couples in attendance. After 3 hours of information being thrown at us, we got into the car...speechless. I wasn't sure how I felt. I told Chase that I had always wanted a newborn and that I wasn't sure if I was ready to handle a child with an unstable past. Selfish, once again. Then Chase said something that made me realize once again why I love this man so much. He said "don't you believe that God brought us here today for a reason? We want to be parents and they need a family. Who are we to decide how or when that would happen?" That was all I needed. It was so true. We want to have kids and these kids want a family...what a perfect combination. When I got home, I filled out most of the application and we are preparing to turn it in on our anniversary (since we must be married for 2 years before applying).

We are not fostering...only adopting. We can be specific on the number of children (since most are sibling groups) and age range, but not ethnicity. I'm very excited and nervous, but who isn't? Even if I were pregnant, I'd be just as nervous and excited!!

Other than that, I really don't have any other updates in the Dodson household. We had Zoren with us last week which is always fun! We had a great time and hopefully we'll be able to see her again before she starts school (first grade ALREADY)!!!