Sunday, September 28, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

As we near the end of September I can't believe that 2 months has passed so quickly since the boys have come into our home!  I can definitely say that we are much more settled and stress free than we were that very first week.  Man oh man...that seems like a lifetime away!  I am finally to the point where I can comfortably take all of them out by myself.  We have had scream free grocery store trips, seamless church visits 2 times a week and happy plays at the park!  Our next big adventure will be in a few weeks - I'm taking all 3 of them with me to Port Neches to visit family!  EEK!  With 2 potty trained kiddos, that means LOTS of stops along the way!  Not to mention, one of our DVD screens got cracked by a car seat incident so we'll see how that goes! :) 
We've also been blessed to find a wonderful new church family in the last month.  Although we LOVED and will always love our Praise family, this church has definitely welcomed us with opened arms.  The kids love going and ask everyday if we are going to church!  I've already attended a women's ministry dinner and we are part of a great group of parents on Wednesday nights!  We've also been introduced to several other foster families in the church which has lead me to an awesome foster/adopt mom's group!  I'm so thankful for everything falling into place.  It's not perfect, nor do we ever expect it to be, but it's pretty darn good!
As far as we know, the boy's mom is doing really well with her plan.  We know that the EARLIEST she will be able to get the boys back is around February, but we also know that the judge can extend it to August (she has up to a year to work her plan and stick to it...longer if an extension is granted).  They see her every Tuesday and I'm learning not to take the things she says personally.  I've never met her, but the case manager will tell me the "concerns" mom has and it always gets me so upset.  I live with the boys every single day - I know that they are bathed, fed and loved every single day.  She picks on little things like "why aren't they wearing the shoes I bought them" or "B has an ear infection because he won't let me clean his ears, I assume foster mom never cleans them" - he didn't have an ear infection, FYI! :)  The case manager has to reassure me that this is mom's way of controlling an uncontrollable situation.  I will continue to do what I'm doing - loving these boys and showing them how Christ can work in their lives!  My next major update with the case probably won't be until January unless something crazy happens! 
Around the same time of the next hearing, our NEW HOUSE should almost be completed.  I'm expecting it to probably be closer to March because it's being built in the winter and the ice up here really stinks! :)  We've already finalized our showroom choices and now waiting on permits and such.  Hopefully they will break ground in the next month or so!  YAY! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of FALL!!!!

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