Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

So I was recently reminded that I needed to update my blog with birthday info!!!  Baby girl turned 1 year old on December 31!!!   My how time has flown!  Even when she is throwing a temper tantrum, I still look at her and can't comprehend how we were so blessed to see her grow and be a part of her life over the last 11 months! 
Her first birthday party was Saturday, January 5 and although we had quite a few people who could not make it, she still had about 40-50 friends and family attend!  It was crazy and so much fun!  I know she really enjoyed herself!
(A big thank you to my Aunt Chris for letting us use her house, Kelly's Kreations for the fabulous cupcakes and cookies, Blue Bear Embroidery for her onesie and bloomers , Bowz and Curlz for her gigantic bow, Dana Daniel for her fluffy tutu and Lora Beth Waller for the awesome photos...oh and Pinterest for my super cute ladybug table decoration ideas!!!)  
In other news...we had a permanency meeting to discuss what is to come in the next few months!  The appeal period will be over on February 21 (WHEW!!!!) and then it's just a lot of paperwork.  We will get a social and medical history (as much as they can gather) and an official name change!  YAY!!!  Our original finalization date was March 8 BUT now we aren't too sure!  It seems like we are looking at either April or May! GRRR!!  Apparently the adoption case worker with CPS is a little over worked right now and our case hasn't been turned over to her yet!  Patience....patience!!!
Speaking of another baby...Chase and I have UNofficially decided to open our home back up to foster children.  When we got Baby Girl we put ourselves on hold because I just wasn't sure if I could emotionally handle this!  I have a renewed sense of confidence recently that has really gotten me excited about saying YES to another baby (3 years and younger)!!  We haven't made that official decision, but we both agree that God is calling us for something more and who are we to deny that?  And Baby Girl needs a playmate...I think I bore her to death  :) here are some pics from her party and a few from her photo shoot!! I'll update more often...I promise!

Can you see my cute fences with grass, ladybugs and candy??  Thanks Pinterest!

These cupcakes were awesome! 

Yummy cookies!!!
The big girls were such a big help with the candle and than presents!!

 Baby Girl with her PawPaw

She had a super busy day!!!!

 Love her little bloomers!!
She loves her cousin Layla - only 3 weeks older than Baby Girl!