Saturday, September 29, 2012

"One Life to Love"

So it's official...she's a crawler! Not only that, she also has 5 teeth with one on the way AND she has started pulling up in her bed! Oh goodness!!!! We were so anxious for her to hit a new milestone and now we want her to slow down!!! We are totally loving every moment of these new adventures!!!

Another event this week is our 4 year anniversary! It seems like its been more like 10 (in a really great way)!! Looking back at everything we've been thru and everywhere we've lived, it's been a very exciting ride! Shout out to Dallas, Nashville, The Woodlands and Port Neches!! Lol!!!

This past weekend Baby Girl got to enjoy her first Mexican Heritage Festival!! She may not be Mexican by blood, but she has no choice in being a part of the culture lol!!!! She was absolutely precious in her mexican dress and GIGANTIC yellow flower on her head!  She fit in perfectly!

Updates will probably be few and far between until November unless something happens!!! We are asking for continued prayers for the trial on November 20, we can feel the prayers being lifted!!!