Sunday, July 8, 2012

"How He Loves"

No real updates today...just a regular old blog post! :) 

I was looking at pictures of Baby Girl when we first brought her home and then look at her now and I cannot believe how big she has grown!  She's still only 14 pounds at 6 months old, but she's not our skinny little baby anymore!  She LOVES food and would eat all day long if I let her...somedays I could swear I gave birth to her LOL! So far she loves bananas, pears, prunes (she's not a very picky eater), squash, carrots and sweet potatoes...a big NO GO on peas!!!  Last night she tasted a lemon for the first time and LOVED squishy faces! LOL!!!She's also talking alot! She like to hear herself scream or just make new noises!  Chase said that's environmentally inherited (apparently he thinks I talk alot hahahaha)!  There are so many times that I look at her and my eyes fill with tears. How in the world did we become lucky enough to have this beautiful, perfect little angel?  I can't even wrap my mind around it! 

Chase leaves tonight for his 2 week training in Houston so I'm interested to see how that goes! Just me and Baby Girl...EEK!!!  Hope Nana keeps her phone near b/c she may have lots of phone calls!!! We want to have Zoren come stay with us for the month of July, but without him being home a couple of day during the week, I'm not sure what she would do while I'm at work and he's at training!  GRRR!  I AM looking forward to our vacation at the end of the month, though!  The beach, Schlitterbahn and Moody Gardens!  YAY! 

For my prayers warriors...we will continue our family visits every Monday so lots of prayers for peace!  Our next hearing is July 31.  Not quite sure what to expect at that one as we've not been able to predict ANYTHING throughout this journey so far! :)