Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We officially changed our status. We turned in our application to Buckner to begin our foster to adopt journey!

For those of you just now reading this, we were previously only in the category for straight adoption through CPS. This means rights have already been terminated while in foster care and the child's social worker would have to CHOOSE us based on a variety of factors. We wanted a baby/toddler so this made it a bit more difficult for us (since there are very few babies in foster care with no parental rights).

Chase and I have only been waiting since April (when our home study was approved) so it really hasn't been too long, but we have come to realize how much we want a child in the house. We understand there may be some heartache involved along the way, but we truly feel like we are doing the right thing. We believe that whatever child is placed with us was chosen by the grace of God and we will have a chance to show that child what true love means, even if it's just for a short time! We are still trying to adopt, so we are praying that we will have a chance to create a forever family sooner rather than later.

Now that our application is submitted we just wait for Buckner to recieve our paperwork from H4G. We will have to update some things in our home study and as far as I know, we'll be ready to rock and roll. YAY! I'm so excited to use our nursery!!! Of course, we have NO baby stuff other than the bed so we should probably get started!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"The Only Exception"

Hello blog world! I just realized I haven't been all too great at updating lately! First of all, let me express how happy we are living close to family! Chase loves his new job and I am really starting to enjoy my job! Our house is adorable and everything is just falling into place!

We visited Chase's cousin last week who recently adopted a little boy through foster care and is currently fostering a 3 month old little boy! I learned so much from her and finally was able to ask questions to someone who is living it! It really helped us! It helped us so much that we have decided to change adoption agencies in October and switch to foster to adopt. Currently, we are only doing straight adoption - which could take forever with the age group we are requesting. We will keep our age under 2, but we will be open to fostering with the opportunity to adopt!

Chase has always been OK with that option. I was the one who needed convincing. I want to be a mom and God is just presenting me with an opportunity that is a little unconventional so I'm going to put my trust in Him as I've done this whole time. I'm so ready to have kids in the house. Nobody said our path was going to be easy. In fact, they promised it would not. They told us there would be ups and downs, emotional roller coasters, happiness and tears. Boy, they were not kidding. Chase is excited about our new adventure that definitely gets me excited too! We have 2 orientations we will be attending with Buckner and Grace Manor. I'm hopeful that we will feel at home with one of them! :)

In other family news, my sister will continue her journey with God in Mozambique! She is attending a missions school in Africa and will be gone for 3 months from October to December! I'm so proud of her and I am asking for you guys to add her to your prayer lists as she spreads the good news of the Lord far from home!