Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Only You Can Save"

Well...I had one of THOSE moments again today! I felt sorry for myself...and sadly, resentful toward others. I can't seem to really understand why today, of all days, this hit me because I came home to a beautiful crib assembled in our nursery-to-be (hopefully)! I just keep seeing these "i'm pregnant" or "look at my belly" posts! UGH!!! I know it's not anyone's fault that I feel this way, it's just me - I am honestly very very happy for every one of my friends expecting a baby - it's jealousy...just jealousy. I wish someone could understand without thinking that I'm just being mean or selfish! I know I'll get over it and I usually don't even think about it but every now and then I remember that I will never be able to experience finding out I'm pregnant or listening to the heart beat or feeling a kick or knowing what our baby would look like. Then I remind myself that God has chosen us to be parents to a child that needs a home and that we have been blessed with the ability to share our love and support with them. When I see it like that, I can't help but thank God for choosing me!

So I made my New Years resolution and losing weight is NOT on the list - I think it should just be a given. I want to create a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, I want to start doing to regular devotionals with Chase, I want us to be licensed to adopt by the end of January and I want to start running 5Ks. A recent addition to that is to participate in the Tough Mudder( in November! We'll have to see how that one goes...but Chase is very convinced that he's going to do it!!

Speaking of New mom had a fabulous NYE party! It was a 70's theme party and everyone looked fantastic and had a great time! Christmas was also pretty great...although it was the first year I can remember that my family was not all in one place! We'll be celebrating Christmas this weekend with Chase's family so we're looking forward to that!

We ALSO have our Adoption Fundraiser garage sale coming up on January 22! It will be in Port Neches at my mom's house so if anyone is in the area, please come by! We will have SO much stuff to sale and it's going toward a wonderful cause!

I'll be back soon, I'm sure, with updates about the garage sale as well as how we are doing in our adoption process!!!!