Thursday, June 4, 2009

"A Change Would Do You Good"

I have decided that I need to start getting my life into shape! The one thing I've begun is simply going to Church and making God part of my daily life! Of course, I have my slip ups, but overall, I feel more in touch with my Christianity than ever before - but definitely still working on a few things! I just assume that as long as I put my trust in God, everything will work out just fine! He would never give me too much to handle!

The other think I'm starting is to get in better physical shape! I attended my first weight watchers meeting today so I am very very excited about that! From the past, I KNOW it works, I just need to have the will power to keep it going! I just want to be in the best shape and health possible when it comes time to have a baby! As some of you may know, Chase and I are distributors of MonaVie
( MonaVie is an all natural fruit juice designed to give you up to 13 servings of fruit per day, in just 4 oz (let me know if you want more info on this - it's great) - ANYWAY, I've been ALOT more adamant about taking my 4oz per day to ensure that I'm at least getting my nutrients! So far I've noticed a huge increase in energy and I sleep so much better! I'm really praying that all of the precautions and steps I am taking will result in an overall healthier lifestyle!!! I'm excited to see what the future holds!

On a side note - I'm almost through with my first month of treatment (Megace pills) which means only 2 months to go! I'm so nervous!!!!! OH - and my new member meeting at Gilda's Club was great! I wasn't able to make it to the support group meeting on Monday, but hopefully will make it on the 15th!

So I went home this past weekend (Port Neches) for my brother's graduation - along with my cousin's baby shower and a friend's wedding! WHEW!!!! I had a great time, but realized how much I really miss Chase when we are away from eachother (I know - PUKE!!!! LOL!)! But it was so good to see everyone and really spend time with my family! June 18-21 we head back to Texas, but this time for Chase's family reunion! Fun times!!!!

Me and my baby brother, Ryan!

Me and My Bella (I swear she could be my child)!!


Me and My Kylee!!!

My favorite Maw Maw!!!